The Awakened Enterprise: Part 1

Decisions drive the actions that shape our experience —the most consequential use of our senses, our memory and our mind merits a technological boost.

© Richard Arthur, 2020

Let’s start with what is clear and obvious. We each make decisions that intimately impact not only the present moment, but the future as well. We…

An (evolving) rubric for gap assessment & road mapping

Model Maturity Web for assessing scientific software (See also PDF-slides)

For nearly two decades, I have found myself in the position of communicating opportunities to advance the state of the art in science and engineering through the use of digital models.

These opportunities clash with centuries of well-established empirical practices for scientific discovery and technology development via the scientific method…

Economic and technological drivers for rethinking education.

Notional “future resume” for non-degreed candidate. (Annotated below)

A new discussion in the DARPA Polyplexus, “Alternative Credentialing Models Across Business and Post-secondary Education” inspired me to share a concept I think persistently relevant: the essential role of community colleges in the Future of Work.

Back in 2014, for an AACC Workforce Development Institute plenary aimed at shaking up…

Love your job? The pandemic crisis offers a pause to assess.

It is March of 2020. You are most likely working differently right now than you were at the beginning of the year, and noticing differences in how that feels.

The rat-race of business-as-usual is like an energized flywheel of momentum. We throw ourselves into our jobs as the activity and…

Part of my job is writing about technology. I know how hard it is to restate what you think is obvious when you are an expert.

I am not an expert in biology or immunology, but I am closely connected with scientists and health providers.

So I have an outsider’s…

The Three Fates by Giorgio Ghisi (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Beyond technical factors, recognize dependencies on culture and leadership.

“Where there is no tie that binds men, men are not united but merely lined up.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Often the legacy on which application of the concept of Digital Thread intends to improve has evolved and optimized within structural, budgetary and technological constraints that persist in a metaphorical…

Richard Arthur

STEM+Arts Advocate. I work in applying computational methods and digital technology at an industrial R&D lab. Views are my own.

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